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Moon Rituals: How to Manifest with the Moon

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

These days, moon rituals are no longer just for witches. Anyone no matter what their spiritual philosophies are, can and SHOULD manifest their desires in accordance with the moon cycle. Those who do, find support and structure from grounding theirselves in the lunar energy that ultimately fast tracks and simplifies their manifestation process.

So how do you know if this is for you?

Do you struggle with the following?

  • you feel disconnected from your body and are unsure of what your body needs

  • you have trouble trusting your intuition

  • your anxiety or doubts gets in the way of your manifestations

  • you struggle with sleep, dreams and visualization

  • you want to gain a deeper knowledge of the unseen spiritual world

  • you struggle to let go, relax and surrender your desires and just be

Here's why you should manifest with the moon:

#1 lunar energy is attached to your emotions

In astrology, the moon represents your emotions. The key ingredient in the process of manifestation is falling deeply in love with the feeling of having your desire so you become an energetic match to it! The moon illuminates these feelings and helps you become more magnetic to these desires. When you write down/script what you desire, think carefully about how you will feel when you attain it. Write with that feeling and embody it until it is yours!

#2 following the different phases builds a structure that supports your manifestations

New Moon Phase: A time for setting intentions and manifesting new things!

This is when you find clarity on exactly what it is you desire and who it effects or is involved! You tune into your emotions and visualize having the thing you want. This is when scripting (writing down your desire) and other manifestation methods can be used.

Full Moon Phase: A time for releasing what no longer serves you or no longer supports the manifestations you created on the new moon

This is the time for lots of shadow work. The full moon illuminates the darker hidden aspects of your psyche otherwise known as your shadow and asks you to sit with any uncomfortable, or subconscious limiting beliefs and release them so you can make space for your abundance.

What you do in between these phases to aid your process comes down to what other structures, techniques, or perhaps even Coaches/Therapists/Healers you have in place to help support you.

#3 You have an excuse to take better care of your emotional energy on a biweekly basis

The new moon, and full moon occurs twice a month making it a great time to dedicate yourself to the practice of ritual, ceremony, and community to boost your emotional well being and become more magnetic to your manifestations!

This is the perfect time to meditate and get clear on where you're at in your manifestation process!

This is the time where you're able to clear your energetic field and align yourself with your desires.

Here's how to take your practice to the next level:

Join my next lunar guided meditation workshop via zoom and I will be happy to guide you through a moon ritual to simplify the entire process!

With the support of other likeminded individuals in these moon circles, you will be able to find solutions, resources, and community.

The workshop is held over one hour in the evening and anyone is welcome to join!

To join, go to my Eventbrite or lunar-meditations page here on my website, to purchase your ticket to save a spot or be eligible to receive the recording of the next session in case you miss it live.

What You're Getting:

-a reading for the energy around the New/Full Moon from 3 different card decks (Tarot, Oracle, and Goddess Knowledge)

-a specially designed guided meditation suitable for all levels that combines breath work, visualization, EFT tapping and Reiki and other healing techniques

-a ritual activation for your energy

-guidance on your astrology and manifestations

-a copy of the recording of the session with your ticket purchase

Still confused? To learn more about manifestation, read my beginner's guide to using the law of attraction called "Lighting the Way Through Manifestation". Available now on Amazon and here at


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