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Know Your Role! The 3 Generations of Starseeds

I'm going to get right to the chase. Public social media platforms are increasingly becoming more and more censored which is why information, like I'm about to share has only been shown to a few.

As of January 2022, humanity is currently undergoing mass hysteria and spiritual/psychological warfare, and threats of loss of freedoms and rights that are leaving troves of people sick and terrified.

This is why now is more important than ever for us all to stand up for our rights, freedoms and step into our soul's higher calling. We cannot remain paralyzed by fear or feel helpless. Hope must rise and so must we!

Knowing your role in this warfare is extremely important at this time and we can determine what this is by understanding the 3 generations of starseeds-aka groups of souls that incarnated on earth to help assist the evolution of humanity.

Read on and click through the slides below about the 3 generations of Starseeds to inspire hope and belonging within you! It is time to answer our soul's calling and stand up against these crimes against humanity. Love and light has already won and we will continue to prevail the more that we stand united in justice, peace and freedom.


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