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What You Really Need to Know about Manifestation

These days, the term “manifestation” has become a buzzword that everyone is absolutely dying to master as a means of being able to accomplish one’s biggest dreams and goals often in record amounts of time. By now, you’ve probably heard quite a few celebrities over the years from Lady Gaga to Jim Carrey to Will Smith share their stories with “the secret” to manifest their success. Perhaps your ears perked up a bit, knowing that what is possible for them can be possible for you too! Now, in the world of social media, Tiktokers like myself are bringing the ancient esoteric secrets, methods, structure, and history to light to simplify the mystique like never before!

When I first began creating videos on TikTok in 2020, my goal was simply to help light the way for others through the difficulties of the pandemic by making manifestation and mindfulness accessible for anyone in any social status or upbringing to break generational chains and embody their true north.

What I knew at the time was that by sharing these strategies, secrets, and structures with others, that I would in turn be able to embody my life purpose and manifest many of my own dreams simultaneously as this became the foundation for my eventual spiritual business.

Through understanding manifestation, and also being naturally magnetic to big dreams and ideas through my human design type (I’m a manifesting generator) I manifested modeling contracts, acted in 2 Disney movies, went on free trips, became a published author, gained over 100k followers on TikTok, attracted new friendships, material items I always dreamt of, union with my divine counterpart and much more!!

So let’s get into the formula of the actual process of how I did it and how you can do it too!

The formula:

  1. Visualize

  2. Ask the universe

  3. Take Aligned action

  4. Trust in divine timing

  5. Affirm it

  6. Raise your vibe

  7. Let it go

Once you have nailed the actual formula with the proper rituals, support, accountability, and additional shadow work in place, ANYTHING is possible! The hidden truth you need to know is that doing the shadow work, a.k.a the healing of your subconscious mind and limiting beliefs, is what will really put you into alignment with your manifestation. That’s the part of your ego that tells you that you can’t have what you want. It's your job to decide otherwise!

Simple right? Well not for everyone. Some manifestations take years to achieve and it's super important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and to not compare your progress to anyone else's. Even if it's only 1% of the effort you put in on a daily basis towards your goal, that is one step closer to achieving it. The waiting game and virtue of patience is one that trips up most people and blocks or delays their manifestations from coming to fruition. So many people fall into the trap of trying to force their manifestations or using language that isn’t in alignment with their end goal. In a world where we have such instant access and gratification through technology, being patient takes true mastery. Remembering not to give up, to continue to have faith, trust, and sometimes even a little pixie dust, is what dreams are truly made of! It is crucial we suspend our rational thinking about “how” the dreams will happen and allow the unseen, and unmanifested energy we desire to fall into place the way it is meant to.

So how can you start to call in your manifestations today?

Do what feels good! Do what lights you up! Have gratitude for what you already have! This is what speeds up the process!

Still, looking for support as a beginner to manifestation? I created the perfect guide to provide you with the details of the full formula, structure, methods, and history behind the magic of manifestation for you to refer back to every time!

You can order your copy of “Lighting the Way Through Manifestation” now on Amazon, Kindle and

Happy manifesting!


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