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Are you a beginner to understanding and actively practicing manifestation? Do you feel like something is blocking your desires and you're not sure what it is?

Are you ready to shift your mindset from lack to abundance?

Pick up this simplified guide to learn


  • the easy 7 principle structure to use to manifest anything

  • timeless methods and strategy

  • the history of this ancient practice

to awaken the divine power within you to manifest your goals with more ease than ever!

The secrets to the transformation you’ve been longing for is right here within these pages, ready for you to unlock! By learning the 7 simple rules behind the co-creative mental process, known as manifestation or the “law of attraction,” you will find enlightenment on your spiritual journey!

This knowledge was used by many great thinkers throughout history including Edison, Plato, and Einstein.


I have condensed the information from several books, videos, philosophies, religions, and my own self-practice with manifestation to lay out the basic foundation every beginner needs to know to uplevel your heart, mind, and soul to manifest your dream life!


May this quick to read, easy guide serve as a remembrance of the magic inside your soul!

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