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About Emily

Emily Parr is a full-spectrum wellness coach and creator with a focus on EMpowering the divine within her clients through mind, body, and spirit care practices to align them with their higher selves. 

As a multi-hyphenate, Emily is an artist, model, certified life purpose/manifestation coach, trainer, content creator, writer, fitness teacher, and reiki practitioner.

She is the writer of Lighting the Way Through Manifestation a beginner's guide to learning and applying the mechanics behind manifesting goals and dreams which she further teaches about on Tiktok and her Podcast “Lighting the Way”. She has a background as a healthy eating and weight loss consultant and is qualified to teach yoga (vinyasa, hatha, yin, restorative, and aerial) as well as barre, mat pilates, and strength training as a certified personal trainer.

She is based in the greater Toronto area.

"As a creative spirit and an intuitive empath, I felt called toward the path of being a lightworker from a young age. 

It is my mission to use my gifts, knowledge, as well as lived experiences to help others align with their higher self and contribute to the wellness and healing of the world;Tikkun Olam." - Emily

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"I believe that when we accept each part of who we are with full compassion, THAT is when we become truly empowered"
-Emily Parr

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