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About Emily

Emily Parr is the author of Lighting the Way Through Manifestation a beginner's guide to learning and applying the mechanics behind manifesting goals and dreams.

Emily Parr has a public Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok account with 100k followers where she creates content about spirituality, mindset, manifestation, healing, astrology, femininity, self-love, and wellness.

Emily is also a certified life purpose and intuitive coach, a certified reiki practitioner, and a certified yoga and pilates mat and barre teacher.

She is a Leo sun and manifesting Generator in human design.

Emily is also a former model and actor and is based in Toronto Canada. She has studied religion, psychology, human sexuality, art history, fashion design, painting, and illustration.

In her self-studies, she has been a student of astrology since she was a child.

"As a creative spirit and an intuitive empath, I felt called toward the path of being a lightworker from a young age. 

I have always been aware of my strong intuition and believe many of my soul gifts have been passed down through my lineage. I believe it is a huge part of my mission to use what I can remember particularly from previous lifetimes, as well as lived experiences to help others align with their higher self and contribute to the wellness and healing of the world-Tikkun Olam." - Emily

"I believe that when we accept each part of who we are with full compassion, THAT is when we become truly empowered"
-Emily Parr

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