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A Guide to Surviving Mercury and Venus Retrograde

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Yesterday, January 13th, Mercury officially went retrograde in the innovative sign of Aquarius until February 3rd! This retrograde coupled, with Venus retrograde in Capricorn until January 29th will be a turbulent time for any relationships that are already unstable. It may be a period of time where ex-partners, friends, or lovers re-appear for you to fully let go of. To prepare for these retrogrades, I recommend really allowing any triggers or shadows that come up to show you where you need healing and give yourself the time and space to actually sit down and feel them, journal, reach out for support and let go! Asides from the typical technological, travel, and communication delays we experience every mercury retrograde, we will also be challenged in the areas of self-esteem, love, and money. Many illusions around these areas will be revealed namely themes around money laundering, greed, exploitation, scams, prostitution, eating disorders, etc. You can use this time period to get really clear on what your needs and wants are, nurture your inner child, revise old or unfinished projects, do some financial planning, and have important conversations with the people in your life about boundaries. For 1:1 support during this time please book a reading or healing session with me below for more guidance! Stay grounded and have a great weekend! xo Emily

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