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Mindful Ways to Upgrade Your Wellness

Happy Wednesday everyone! I can't believe we are already midway through the month of March! As the weather starts to get warmer you may find your mood starting to improve with the longer daylight hours, and increased vitamin D. Here are 3 mindful ways you can upgrade your wellness that will leave you feeling fresh and renewed this spring! 1) Eat intentionally.

Listen to happy music, sing or dance, or listen to an empowering podcast or video while you make your meals. Clean up while you go so once you sit down you can enjoy your food. Remember to either pray or show gratitude before you take your first bite. Keep your phone away for the first meal of the day and eat slowly, savouring every bite! These environmental changes can drastically improve your digestion (especially if you suffer from any autoimmune disorders like IBS or IBD) 2) Implement a pleasure practice.

Discover what pleasure means to you on a scale that goes beyond sexual intimacy. Could it be taking a bubble bath? Letting yourself have some dark chocolate? Maybe lighting some scented candles and moving your body as what feels natural to you? Whatever it is, it's important to allow this energy to flow in a balanced way. Sexual energy is creative, life force energy that creates everything within this universe! To deny it is to deny your own existence! 3) Create a meditation practice that works for you!

There is no right or wrong time of day or length of time to meditate for. Anytime you take a moment to be still and return to your breath is considered meditation. Remember to do this in moments that are particularly difficult or stressful. Even activities like swimming and walking are considered active meditation! If you're not sure where to start, I have created 7 chakra guided meditations (each about 12 minutes long) you can download and keep forever for the small price of $12! If you love the meditation portions of my moon circles, you are bound to love this. If you're unsure which chakra (energy centre in your body) may be blocked, take the quiz and check it out below! xo Stay golden

To download your audio meditation:

To Take the Chakra Quiz


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