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Healing the Witch Wound

It is finally Scorpio season, and Halloween is almost here and in the spirit of the season of the witch, I sat down with Sarah Elle to record a podcast episode all about the witch wound! This is by far my proudest episode thus far as it is all about setting the record straight about the esoteric secrets, history and pain around the witch wound.

In this episode, we discuss witchcraft, feminine archetypes, what the witch wound is, how to heal it, and our own personal connections to witchcraft and Halloween. If you struggle with your innate soul gifts this episode is designed to help you shed your fears and step more into your power.

I'd love to hear your feedback on this episode and what came up for you! Please send your comments, questions, or feedback to or dm me on Instagram to further this important discussion!!

Take a listen below on Spotify or Apple Podcasts! I hope you love it!!


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