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November Energy Is Transforming the Karmic Wheel of Fortune

There's some serious transformative energy for the karmic wheel of fortune this November. It's almost the end of the year which means that being purposeful with our energy in these last 2 months, will set us up for success in 2022!

Here is the astrology breakdown:






This month no planets will be in retrograde with the exception of the end of Uranus retrograde in Taurus which means we are in the final stages of clearing and preparation for the upcoming year! Uranus retrograde in Taurus may bring a continuation of or amplification of issues around finances, resources, materials and money overall. It is a good time to do some major money mindset work. It will go direct on January 18th 2022. The transformation many of us have been going through these last 6 months is closing out with the end of many karmic cycles around relationships, family, and money. You may notice you no longer have tolerance for low-quality friendships or experiences. You are making way for soul-aligned family, opportunities, soul mates, etc in 2022 which will be all about union!

This month you may need to spend more time in hermit mode, buckling down and getting your creative ideas on paper so you can start to manifest them in 2022. There will be many solar flares that will upgrade your entire DNA this month so expect changes at a cellular level in addition to any changes you consciously choose to make!

This month I invite you to join me for 1 Moon Circle-the Full Moon in Taurus Lunar Eclipse on Friday the 19th. You can already grab your ticket below!! It will be focused on manifesting a stable home environment!

I will not be hosting a moon circle for the New Moon this month, because I am preparing for a special workshop I will be sharing more details about this week! Hint: it will be focused on sexual healing and pleasure to be aligned with the season of Scorpio which is ruled by the genitals! Stay tuned to learn more!

I am also very excited to offer my accelerated 2-month coaching program to 5 motivated women this month to help you go from a disempowered empath to a thriving and abundant lightworker for the special price of $1,111!! If you have been waiting to tap into your divine feminine energy and have a burning desire for change, transformation, healing and to step up and be a leader in your own way this is what this program is designed to help you with! Contact me below for a free compatibility call to learn more if you feel this is for you!

Get excited to take control of your destiny this month because there are so many incredible opportunities available to you! I cannot wait to support you with these offers, so please make sure to reach out if you have any questions! Go make the most of this energy! Happy November xo Emily

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