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Mastering Polarity This Gemini Season!

You're going to want to listen up because what I'm about to share is going to change your life.

The law of gender is one of the 12 universal laws in addition to the most commonly known law of attraction.

The law of gender teaches us how to use energy.

Regardless of gender identity, we are all a mix of both feminine and masculine energies.

When there is an imbalance of this polarity, wounded energy persists and blocks us from coming into our higher self-our true light. ✨

This wounded energy can keep us in victimhood for years and sometimes even lifetimes if proper healing doesn't take place.

The more we understand and prioritize creating and mastering this balance of polarity, the more we heal as a collective. ⚖️

The upcoming New Moon in Gemini this Thursday will be supercharged with a Solar Eclipse giving us extra support in mastering polarity, and embracing our duality in a new shiny, glowing light as the sign Gemini represents the twins. ♊️

Gemini is all about duality, fluidity, yin and yang, lovers, the polarity of masculine and feminine energy, and the twin flame journey ️

This particular moon circle I’m holding this Thursday at 8 pm EST (via zoom) will be an evening full of divine guidance to help you hit the reset button on your life like you’ve been waiting for! This is because this rare annual solar eclipse is a time of setting intentions for a brand new paradigm especially if you have Gemini as your sun, moon, rising, mercury, Venus, or Mars sign.

If you’re ready for:

divine justice to rain upon you as you balance these energies

an evening of divine wisdom and meditation to activate and empower you

to connect with other like-minded souls who are dedicated to building the new earth and healing the collective

Grab your ticket below to the moon circle and receive the full recording of the session whether you can make it live or not!! Forget the leaps you've taken in the past-your most powerful quantum leap yet awaits you and I cannot wait to guide you through it!

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