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Readings/Healing Sessions

These holistic sessions are ideal for inner child healing, trauma recovery, getting to the root cause of relationship/business/friendship/confidence/self esteem issues, and gaining clarity on your soul’s purpose.

1 HR

$111 USD

Over the period of 1 hour via zoom a combination of healing and divination techniques will be used intuitively as needed including tarot/oracle cards, astrology, and reiki.
Please specify the type of session you would like to set up with me in your submission form. Or you can choose for the session to be free-flowing and not just one type-just indicate it on the submission form.


The Types of Sessions are:
SHADOW WORK HEALING READING: for gaining awareness and tools about the darker hidden aspects of your psyche so you can heal old, toxic, outdated patterns, beliefs, ideologies, and emotions.

LIFE TRANSITION READING: for closing out old cycles, making the transition in love/relationships, career/education, or moving homes

DIVINE MISSION/AKASHIC RECORD READING: for gaining clarity on your soul’s purpose and divine blueprint. Learn about your past lives, future, and how you can align with your most optimal timeline.

GODDESS ENERGY READING: for tapping into your divine feminine energy and embodying the Goddess within.

What You Will Receive:
-insight into what is going right and what is being released with the use of tarot/oracle cards to provide symbology
-divine, intuitive guidance. Channeled messages from the spirit realm to guide your path
-we tap into your unique archetype and soul gifts to align you with your higher self (often with the use of astrology)
-I hold space for all of your emotions and help you transmute them
-I prompt you and guide you towards finding the answers you seek most
-You will receive photos of the cards pulled during the session as well as other helpful resources I suggest (such as rituals, meditations, playlists etc)

Please note: All readings are done face to face via zoom. Same day appointments are unavailable. When you book a session, you will be given an invoice to pay via Paypal. As soon as your invoice is received, a zoom link will be sent to you to add to your calendar.
Recording of the session is only available upon inquiry. After your session is over, any related materials will be sent to you via Instagram or email. 

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