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Manifesting Love & Cosmic Marriage

If love and marriage have been on your mind lately it could partially be Gemini season to blame. As we come to the end of this season, it feels fitting that today I pulled the Lovers card in tarot which is literally represented by Gemini. This is a time of polarity and unity between two opposites whether it's integrating your personal yin/feminine energy with your yang/masculine energy or uniting these two energies within a partnership. I get asked all the time about manifesting a specific person. I always respond that the best possible choice you can make for yourself is to focus on giving yourself unconditional love and care and embody the specific traits you would like in a partner instead rather than projecting certain ideals onto a crush you may have.

Manifesting cosmic marriage means working within yourself first to become "the lovers" before being cosmically aligned with a physical partner. This means embodying the high-value version of yourself-not the dollar drink menu at Mcdonald's. You are what you consume! To manifest true cosmic marriage, you cannot be treating love or dating like a fast food restaurant where you pick through a bunch of options at the click of a button (aka online dating, although this may work for some people). You have to embody the intimacy, nourishment, and care you would like to receive within the relationship. This is why getting to know yourself and be single for a while is important for many.

The law of attraction teaches us that like attracts like, so it is imperative that you are really clear on what types of behaviors, personality traits, and activities you would like to do in a partnership even if you are already in one and would like to improve it!

As Gemini season comes to an end in a few days, take some time to journal on what you've learned about love this month and where you would like to manifest more love into your life. Cancer season will be a time where love will become more stabilized and grounded.

To release blockages surrounding self-love or love within partnerships so you can make space for new energy, I invite you to join my upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn moon circle on Thursday, June 24th at 8 pm EST live via zoom by grabbing your ticket here:

I will be sharing more energy updates around the full moon throughout the week on IGTV and TikTok, so stay tuned and stay golden xo!

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