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Manifest like a Goddess

1:1 divine feminine mentorship for women who are ready to awaken their inner Goddess to manifest better relationships, love, sex intimacy, and body image.


Transform into the full embodiment of the powerful Goddess within you

Is this you? You're an empathic woman, who struggles to set boundaries and tends to people-please. You ultimately feel these bad habits and energy drainers preventing you from living the life of your dreams! You know you have a unique purpose but you have yet to fully uncover it. You feel a burning desire to create change because you're sick and tired of being sick and tired and you desire more from every area of your life!


You're ready and motivated to do whatever it takes to break generational curses and have already begun doing some of the healing work on your own.


You're feeling the urge to receive guidance uniquely tailored to YOUR energy so you can fully tap into your divine feminine power and embody your truth north! You know deep down that when you invest in your healing journey you will go further than you would alone, and that you are valuable and worthy of leveling up your entire life and entire bloodline so you can help heal the world by extension with your soul's unique gifts!

If you're ready to step into your power, reclaim your throne and wear your crown with pride, let's work together! Allow me to use my maximum effort, knowledge, experience, and expertise to guide you, provide you tools, prompt you, and motivate you to unlock your potential and align to your higher self.

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4 Week Mindset and Life Purpose Coaching Transformation Program


 $1,111 USD (payment plans available if needed)

This program is best suited for disempowered, empathic women who are going through a life transition. If that is you and you desire to reclaim your inner power and use your soul gifts to become an abundant and thriving lightworker/shadow worker, healer, Priestess, teacher, etc keep reading!


This type of life coaching is focused on the use of holistic and spiritual practices specifically designed for the individual client. Although this is a space to share and be supported in working on trauma, inner child, intergenerational, and sexual healing, this is NOT a space to trauma dump or focus solely on trauma. This is not talk therapy and there is no psycho-analyzing or prescribing of any medications. If you are in need of psychiatric help for a specific mental illness this is not for you.

This program can help improve the symptoms of anxiety and depression but is not a replacement for traditional therapy. It instead can amplify the work you do if you are in therapy and help you more deeply. All sessions are completely confidential.


  • 4 weeks/1 month of mentorship

  • 4 weekly zoom video calls

  • Shadow work/limiting belief work (subconscious mind healing)

  • Somatic exercises, astrological guidance, tarot/oracle guidance, and reiki if needed

  • Workbook, templates, and checklists

  • Meditations and Book

  • Additional support via email between sessions anytime Mon-Fri 9 am-9 pm

  • Resources and rituals provided every session

  • Short-term to 6-month long term goal setting

  • Written report/recap after every session


  • increased satisfaction in familial/platonic and romantic relationships

  • improved self-worth and confidence in one's soul gifts

  • increased intuition

  • improved body image

  • a better work/life balance

  • increase in energy and mood stability

  • manifesting your goals with more ease

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I accomplished things that I do not know if I could have as efficiently and with as minimal mistakes as possible if it wasn't for investing in myself. I took a risk going straight into a 1 on 1 coaching right after watching a few tiktoks; but I would never regret a calling from the Universe. I can confidently say anything and anyway that you work with Emily you will benefit because she functions from a pure and highly vibrational place and perspective. I know that your highest good will benefit indefinitely. Thank you from my Spirit Guides to yours."



Author of "The Mind-Body Soul Workbook"

Zuwenat Zahra Aganju



"Emily is truly doing her divine work through means of coaching lost or transitioning spiritual beings like myself. After her 4 week coaching sessions I can confidently say that I have found my way to my path yet again, and that is a phenomenal feeling honestly. She gave me detailed guidance, advice, and resources each week after every session and I can, and still look through all her intuitive notes till this day. Emily came to me in what she says divine order, to help as a guide for this new chapter of my life. 

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Apply to the Program

To apply for the program, please answer all the questions on the submission form on the page linked to the above button. There you will be able to set up a free 15-minute compatibility call to ask questions, and learn more about the program. I will confirm the call with you if I believe you may be a good fit based on your submission.

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