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It's Time for YOU to Join a Moon Circle-here's why!

The longer you ignore the call of your intuition, the longer you put off your destiny✨

For thousands of years people have gathered to sit in stillness, and unity under the moon, allowing its phases to act as reminder of the highs and lows of life. Each phase no better than the other. 🌙

So why should you be any different? 👑🌿

Deep within, you embody the hopes, love and prayers of your ancestors' who used the wisdom of the moon as their guide to embrace the fullness of life itself. NOW its YOUR turn to do the same!🧘🏻‍♀️

What you heal within yourself, you heal within your entire lineage!🤭

Whether you have attended a moon circle yet or not, it is my honour to invite you to this fast growing online community of individuals dedicated to building the new earth by the wisdom of the moon 🕯🔥

When you join a single session, you will receive:

-a lifetime copy of the full recording

-a card reading for the group

-astrological and energetic info

-journal prompt, ritual activation

-guided meditation

-Q&A session to answer all your questions about healing, manifestation, spirituality etc.

We gather biweekly for the New and Full Moon of every month to embody the lessons of the unique astrological energy of each phase.🌝

Do you want to be completely embodied in your full inner power, but you feel haunted by trauma or stagnant in old patterns? 😢

If your intuition is telling you "yes, this is for me..."

It's time to take the leap! Sign up for the membership that makes the most sense for you or simply save your spot at the next session! 🎫

Click the link below to join us now! 💜🔗

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