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What You're Getting:

-a reading for the group based on the current astrological influences of the planets

-an energy reading for the group from 3 different card decks (tarot, oracle, and goddess knowledge)

-a ritual activation (usually a journal prompt in addition to the use of affirmation, reiki, and other holistic healing modalities)

-a specially designed guided meditation (breathwork included) channeled by me

-a Q&A session to ask me for extra support

-a FULL recording of the session you will get to download and keep FOREVER


About Moon Circle Workshops

Let the lunar tides guide your dreams!



Not sure what to do on a new or full moon, or what impact it creates? Look no further!

In astrology, the moon represents your emotions and can heighten your intuition/psychic abilities.

The benefit of connecting with the moon and her phases is having a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you beyond time and space which amplifies your magnetism, therefore, boosting your manifestations!

Anyone can tap more into this by creating a ritual to support your healing, manifestations, and spiritual journey structured around the moon phases. In my moon circles, I provide you with a seamless structure and channeled guidance to simplify your spiritual and manifestation journey!

When you join, you will be initiated into a sacred space created in every moon circle where you will find spiritual enlightenment, healing, clarity, and a sense of security to express your divine nature fully!



The difference between joining New or Full Moons:

Every phase of the moon is represented by something different and the various stages of the menstrual cycle for women who are tapped into their connection to nature. Those who do not menstruate can still benefit from working with these phases to keep a strong energetic balance of masculine and feminine energy (which we all carry). 

New moons are the mark of a new lunar cycle with a focus on setting new intentions and manifesting new ideas!


Full moons are a time of illuminating and healing our shadow (our subconscious mindset/the darker hidden aspects of our psyche) to release what no longer serves our path moving forward.

Working with both these phases is very powerful and healing!



The History:

Historically, moon circles have been held by women all over the world in all various tribes since ancient times. This was practiced typically for women only because the moon cycle and menstrual cycle are synced up for those tapped into their connection with nature.  

Who this is For:

Everyone who is dedicated to improving themselves and deepening their spiritual journey! 


How often you can attend:

As often as you like! When you join my moon circles, (which are held twice a month) you will be initiated into a sacred space where a group of like-minded individuals (those who are committed to their growth and development) gather together and support one another in their spiritual journey. 



Annual memberships will begin in 2022. Subscribe to my email list for updates on joining this.


What to expect:

These moon circle workshops are held over a period of 1 hour and are welcoming to anyone!

Here you will discover the magic of astrology, divine wisdom, and meditation to help ground you, relax, and believe in the love you hold within your heart to empower the divine within you.

During these workshops which are held virtually over zoom to serve people from all around the world, you will not be required to turn on your camera or microphone. You can simply sit back and follow and go at your own pace.

The meditation portion of these moon circles is suitable for all levels-even total beginners!

The best part?

When you purchase a ticket, you are eligible to receive a full recording of the session to keep forever!

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 2.33.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 2.33.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 2.36.58 PM.png

If you have any further questions feel free to email me at:

I cannot wait to guide you in my next moon circle!

Make sure to save your spot by grabbing your ticket to the next session!

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